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Name: Reksedov

1. ---- | Mate | Offspring
2. ---- | Mate | Offspring
3. ---- | Mate | Offspring
4. ---- | Mate | Offspring
5. ---- | Mate | Offspring
6. ---- | Mate | Offspring
7. ---- | Mate | Offspring
8. ---- | Mate | Offspring
9. ---- | Mate | Offspring
10. ---- | Mate | Offspring

Additional Slots:


Regale's Quests

Level 1
    → "Meeting" Incomplete
    → "Home" Incomplete
    → "Greenhorn" Incomplete
    → "Searching for a Shadow Pt. 1" Incomplete
    Reward: Not Earned | Not Approved
Level 2
    → "Good Genes" Incomplete
    → "Over My Dead Body" Incomplete
    → "Instinct" Incomplete
    → "Folklore or Fantasy" Incomplete
    → "Show Me Your Teeth" Incomplete
    → "Playdate" Incomplete
    Reward: Not Earned | Not Approved
Level 3
    → "Searching for a Shadow Pt. 2" Incomplete
    → "Amorous" Incomplete
    → "Bear Your Soul" Incomplete
    → "Over the River" Incomplete
    → "Winning Streak" Incomplete
    Reward: Not Earned | Not Approved
Level 4
    → "Competitor" Incomplete
    → "Among the Greats" Incomplete
    → "Like Vultures" Incomplete
    → "Elite" Incomplete
    → "The Final Act Pt. 1" Incomplete
    → "The Final Act Pt. 2" Incomplete
    Reward: Not Earned | Not Approved



Addtional Information:
"She of Dragons"
Nickname: Reks
Build: Andalusian/Lusitano
Height: 16hh
Age: 7 years
Gender: Mare

Theme Song: tba
Voice Actor: tba

Herd: tba
Discipline: Hunting
Gear: tba
Companion: tba
Beliefs: None

    Name - Status - Reks' thoughts on them
    1614 Ab Aquilone - Friend - Reks regards Abe with a lot of respect as a hunter. She would easily consider him a friend, even if he does frustrate her occasionally.

Personality: Willful | Adventurous | Protective | Serious
  A mare of few words, unless you speak dragon-tongue of course. Reks is a hunter first and an Equus Ballator second; her green gaze focused on her next prize, she will not waste breath speaking when it could be used for tracking or chasing. However should you irk her, an earful of ancient, alien curses will be spewed your way! She is feisty and will not back down once her mind is set to something. Equally a pro and a condemning trait of her character. 
  Should you find yourself in Reks' inner circle however, she will fight for you until her last breath. If you need anything of her, she will give it with open arms. Those close to her are cherished and protected, perhaps even taught her preferred speech should they ask. While it might be a hard and arduous journey, befriending this mare is surely a perk that is far too tempting to pass up on.

  - Fluently speaks dragon-tongue and uses it for most conversations, even if whoever she's speaking to doesn't understand it. Her English, while still fluent, is a bit broken and sometimes she struggles to pronounce certain words.
  - Typically doesn't prefer the company of her own kind. She's extremely selective with the other Ballators she chooses to associate with.
  - Has a tendency to strongly mother young or wounded Ballators she comes across. Those who cannot do for themselves seem to garner a softness from this stony mare and she will spend days or weeks teaching them how to provide for themselves and function as normally as they can.

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Reksedov is free to hunt to her heart's content!

Reksedov's Character Profile has been accepted!

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