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espclyheinous Offline

Stat Admin; Fade's Daughter
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Discord: reninkois#1834
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Name: The Gilded Traveler


Additional Slots:


Addtional Information
Nickname: Gilda
Height: 8hh
Reference: LINK

Character Information:
Plagued by visions, hallucinations, and vivid dreams, Gilda is unable to separate these from reality. She feels disconnected from the world, sees meaning where there isn't any, and treats life like a game where her goal is to pick the right path to complete her objective: find out what's real, and what she is. This leads to her being manipulative, calculating, and precise. She remembers everything, but she doesn't know what was a vision and what was real, and she has no emotions connected to the memories because of that. She feels trapped in her own body, her consciousness fighting to gain control.
  • She thinks she moves through the world like a ghost, but is unaware she is a bit of a local legend.
  • Fascinated by pain, because she doesn't feel it in her visions or dreams, so she's known to stand in ice cold streams, or near hot lava until singed.
  • She reacts inappropriately to some situations because she simply sees them as progressions of the game, or opportunities.
  • Always on the move, does not stay in one place for long, but constantly doubles back as she forgets where she's been and hasn't.

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HelloWishbone Offline

Reference Admin
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Gilda can now forge ahead through the Charred Plains!

Gilda's Character Profile has been accepted!

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