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Bay-Blade Offline

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Joined: Apr 2020

Discord: Bay-Blade#2536
Link to Plaque: https://www.deviantart.com/ballatordesig...-728581779

Name: Rei

Slots: 1. TheEvilPannenkoek | Mate | Offspring
2. s-tarsailo-r | ID 1855 | Offspring
3. Dragonwarlordess | ID 4201 | ID 8497
4. UnknownRidersStable | Mate | Offspring
5. AurorasSketches | Mate | Offspring
6. Cassanova-Art |  ID 4317 | ID 7912
7. Cassanova-Art | ID 5097 | ID 7303
8. Cassanova-Art |  ID 6539 | ID 8931
9. Username | Mate | Offspring
10. Username | Mate | Offspring

Additional Slots:

Trackers Hunting Tracker

Addtional Information: Height: 16 Hh

- Rei much prefers to live her life by going with the flow. She adapts to the world with ease.
- However, she becomes easily overwhelmed by too many changes and rather adapting to these changes she shuts down completely.
- She isn't one to make new friends, much preferring to stick to herself and those she knows.

- When she is unsure of what to say or do, her left ear begins to flick back and forth rapidly.

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HelloWishbone Offline

Reference Admin
Posts: 0 | Threads: 0
Joined: Apr 2020
Discord: Wishbone#3651
Rei has been unleashed upon the world!

Rei's Character Profile has been accepted!

[Image: ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif]
Juno by Bay-Blade
Icon by TheNamelessHare

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