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Form submission: Apply a Highlord Gift/Curse

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Skellri Offline

Plaque Goblin / Gatekeeper
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Joined: Apr 2020

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Discord: Skellri#0837
Link to Ballator's BDA Plaque: https://www.deviantart.com/ballatordesig...-844300478

Is your Ballator Pledged to a High/Lowlord?: Unpledged Wayfarer

Gift Obtained: Star-touched

Gift/Curse Proof: https://equusballator.com/community/show...p?tid=5058

Link to Ballator's Updated Plaque Image: https://sta.sh/01np4u0y3wo8

Optional: Link to Pre-Gift/Curse Design: N/A

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OliveDoodle Offline

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Discord: Olivedoodle#5211
Hi Skeeps!
Just one thing before I can get this kiddo uploaded- please put them on the edited/more saturated background (found here) so we know changes have been made!

Please let me know once updated or if you have any questions, thank you <33

Correction to the design must be completed by March 12, 2022. Please reply back to this thread when completed.
Failure to reply by set date will result in this review being closed and you will have to resubmit.

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Bay-Blade Offline

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Joined: Apr 2020

Discord: Bay-Blade#2536
The corrections for this design were not completed by the date indicated. This review is now closed. You will need to resubmit this design once designs are open again.

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Icon by Monsleonis

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