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ID 5990 | NPC Donation Application

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Thread Closed 

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Dragonwarlordess Offline

Posts: 0 | Threads: 0
Joined: May 2020

Discord: Dragonwarlordess#6074
Ballator ID: ID 5990

Link to Ballator's BDA Plaque OR Breeding Note: https://www.deviantart.com/ballatordesig...-748567915

Has this Ballator ever been bred: No

Does this Ballator have a past, present, or pending Registration Reference in the group: Yes

Do you agree to the rules and terms laid out in the NPC page on the Equus Ballator Website: I Agree

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Fade Offline

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Joined: Apr 2020

All Accounts Posts: 0

1 Attached Account
Discord: Fade#7329
This NPC donation has been accepted! This will act as the owner transfer of this Ballator and he will be absorbed into the canon lore for the Equus Ballator group!

Thank you so much for your donation!

[Image: WpSNLUy.png]
"All text centered by Fade just for your continued and incredibly personal inconvenience."

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