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1928 Dulce periculum

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Dragonwarlordess Offline

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Joined: May 2020

Discord: Dragonwarlordess#6074
[Image: dd1vaf5-861bd3c1-83cb-4497-abc8-e9f90af5...waVtgBRVEQ]

Starter Item Received: Studded Shoes
Additional Items Purchased & Applied: Armor (Breastplate), Armor (Pauldrons), Fang Goads

Dulce is a witty mare, paired with her regal demeanor and sadistic tendencies she makes a formidable opponent in any capacity. Her favored methods of attacking tend towards those cruel and intent on killing, or scarring in nature. Often using her horn’s spikes, she uses the gift of Hyalus from Aether to break off the spines from her various horn sets in her opponents. The more blood or damage that can be incurred, the more riled up Dulce becomes, fueled by her rage and desire for pain. The sheer amount and varied locations of her impressive horns is intimidating, also allowing her to be versatile in her attacks. Dulce often uses her agile frame to get in an ideal position, allowing her opponents to come in close before dragging her horns across them and forcing their points beneath their supple flesh. Once she is satisfied that her gradual wearing and injury has slowed them enough, she truly goes on the offensive: Striking brutally with her hooves and leading with her shoulders to get all of her weight behind her attacks.

Her cruel nature no doubt stems from her lineage, raised to despise lesser warriors by her mother Izanami, and the violence reaching as far back as her great grand dam: Domina Atrox. Her perlino coat and vibrant horns cause some to speculate that Dulce Periculum is in fact Domina reincarnated, returning to wreak havoc on those that dare enter the arena. Flashing the gifts granted to her from her Lord Aether, her dominant aura radiates from her as clearly as the light flashing off her glassy horns.

Though her skills were honed by practicing against those at Moxie Menageries Stables and preying on other large game animals during hunts, Dulce seeks to prove her skill and win Aether’s favor in the arenas where her violence is most praised and sought after.


[Image: battle_trophy_by_equusballatorsociety_db...0yPVH7GHew]

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