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Burgiethewriter Offline

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Joined: May 2020
Discord: Burgie#6595
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Write in your Prompt:: Jaik looks from one head to the other, curious at this new god who has appeared. Yet he will not fear them, no matter how scary they may appear. "Justice," he responds, thinking of all those who are lost, looking deeply into the eyes of the light head. What will happen next?

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Bay-Blade Offline

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[Image: HOL-Icon.png]
The eyes of the Head of Life look down at Jaik, an unblinking gaze behind which lie eons of wisdom.  The Head of Death is looking, too, their own gaze cold and unfeeling.
"YOU ARE WISE," the two heads speak in unison, the Head of Death also peering down at Jaik. They blink in tandem, four red eyes that seemed to be looking deep into Marie's soul.
Their voice lowers to a pitch that would allow mortal ears to hear more clearly, but their voices still sounded as the voices of many as they spoke: "Your wisdom has not gone unseen," they continue, slowly becoming surrounded by a beam of red light that had no source.
"May the shards of the Red Star light your path."
Suddenly with a blaze of light, your Ballator finds themselves in an entirely new place, transported from Tyndariai's presence, but with a strange feeling in their horns...
Your ballator has become Star-Touched!
[Image: Tyn-STAR-TOUCHED.png]
This gift can only be applied to the Ballator that received it. You must apply this gift at the Highlord Hub.
As Jaik begins to leave, they notice a colorful metal crown on the ground and decide to take it. It's a Duality Crown.

1x Duality Crown has been added to your bank.

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