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Coordinator; Stat Admin

Instagram Deviantart
Discord: Baylili00#2536

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About Me

Hello! I'm Bay!

One of the stat admins as well as overseer of all of your suggestions and website fixes!

I've been around in EBs since about 2014! I can't get enough of these guys! I've been in the HARPG and ARPG community for a long time so you might recognize me from somewhere else!
I also am an admin of the Quirlicorn group so don't be afraid to say i if you should ever stop by!

I'm currently in school for a major in Genetics and Cell Biology and a minor in Computer Science. The plan is to continue on and do graduate school but we'll see where my life takes me!

EB Things

My EBs Banking My Hunt Tracker My RQ Tracker My Stat Trackers Event Trackers

Favorite Ballator Types: Asiatic, Steppe, Mountain

Stories in Progress

» Dasgrar and The Resurgance ~~ He lost all his memories save for his name. How will he and his band of other outcasts survive?
» Letos and Hyndis ~~ Two devious ladies up to no good.
» Zenxora ~~ A dragon lady learning how to be a ballator.
» Heishan and Aya~~ Two complete opposites already on their own path. Will it work or end in disaster?

Special Ballators

6132 Tianteng
7259 Aedan
8667 Comrade GAY
8969 Simba

My Space

Commission Status: OPEN

Contact: Baylili00#2536 (discord) OR Baylili00 (Deviantart)

[Image: y5krc9hm][Image: y77kytvy]
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