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About Me

I'm a self taught hobby artist, I love picking up new tricks along the way and developing my artwork which has come a long way since I began digital artwork 5 or so years ago. I'm proud of how long I've come and equally as proud to be part of such a wonderful community that has grown with me.

EB Things

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Major Ballator Storylines

"The Australian Life" | The majority of my ballators belong to this long term RP/Storyline which is located in many many google docs. (You can request to read at risk of your own sanity)

"They Call Me Seer" | My second largest plot line, this follows the life of 3291 Sanguis prophetarum, her herd/family, and her devotion to Highlord Aether. This storyline is heavily based on the lore of the group.

Minor Ballator Storylines

"Mercer's Island" | This storyline follows UPFA Fighter 1928 Dulce periculum and her court on a forgotten island

"King's Crossing" | Follows the storyline of Juneau, a forest stallion and his herd who call a sanctuary in Black Hollow Stables home.

"Sky's Journey"| Follows Regale's daughter Sky, learning that there is a life outside of her father's glade and finding herself

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