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I went on a 2ish year hiatus--I've forgotten most of what I know xD bear with me! <3

My Space

Hey folks. ^^ I haven't been on dA for a couple of years, but I have found the time to do so again thankfully. I'm a stay at home mom, due for another in April; I've been an artist in hobby (if it paid enough, I'd make it a career...) for several years now, and majorly create via digital means. I use a Kamvas 13 and various art software (trying to find a good program.) Someday I hope to be an electrician, but I'm not too sure how being an expecting mom and a sparky as well would fare lol, so that may be a while. So, for the foreseeable future, give or take a week or two break at times, I am back! :D Not doing commishes, trades, etc at the moment. Still trying to get back into things.

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