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Hey y'all! Name's Micah, but a lot of folks also call me Rising. I'm a 23-year-old enby living on the west coast of the US. I primarily use they/them or it/its pronouns, but if you must throw me in a gendered box then he/him will suffice. I love horses and own 5 in real life, along with 5 cats and 2 parakeets. I've been training horses since I was 10 and riding even longer. I ride mostly dressage but also dink around in jumping/XC with my ex-racehorse. I study acting for the stage and screen I love musical theatre, Steven Universe, ballet, ice skating, taxidermy, rock collecting, DnD, reading, and drawing -- being friends with me is kind of a mixed bag, hahah! That said, I may be a little shy about starting conversations but I do enjoy making new friends.

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