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Discord: Wishbone#3651

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About Me

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I own too many Ballators but nothing will stop me from adding more to my hoard. Everyone has a place, I promise!!

Favourite Ballator Type: Steppe!
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EB Things

My EBs Banking My Hunt Tracker My RQ Tracker My Stat Trackers Event Trackers

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Balllator Herds

The Sand Thieves
Location: Dead Country
A band of mares located in the desert who specialize in the art of thievery. There is one rule: the bigger your hoard, the higher your rank.
The Constellations
Location: Dead Country
Gaia and Khepri's family tribe. Consists mostly of their many children, but they've been known to adopt other Steppes along the way.

The Junkyard
Location: Dead Country
Harpy's band of castaways all preparing for the end of the world. This group is pretty developed in my head, and has a lot of herd members, I just need to put them all together on my website! Stay tuned!

Herds Still in Progress

These herds are currently unavailable to join, as they are still being developed!
Skeleton Coast Bachelors
Ghost Guides
Also In the Works

These groups aren't necessarily herds, but will be joinable once they have been developed!
The Purple Empire
The Red Kingdom
If you would like any of your own Ballators to join my herds, feel free to fill out the form, seen HERE

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My Space

Commission Info

Commission Status: Open!
Preferred method of contact: Discord! Wishbone#3651
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Icon by Skellri!

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