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Group Activities & Resources

Ballator of the Month
4 t / 26 p
-- Nominate and vote on the Ballator of the Month!
Event Activities
31 t / 31 p
-- Here you can find any Group Event forums for things like raffles.
Sub Forums:
Advent Calendars + Activities,
Highlord Holidays
0 t / 0 p
-- Craft an item here!
Group NPC Donation
0 t / 0 p
-- If you have a Ballator you would like to transfer to the group to become an NPC, please fill out the application here.
Hunting Rank Ups
0 t / 0 p
Hunting Rolls
0 t / 0 p
-- Get your hunts rolled here!
Ownership Transfers
16 t / 16 p
-- If you are transferring a Ballator to another member, please fill out the form on this thread.
Sub Forums:
1 t / 2 p
Sub Forums:
Regale's Quests
Stat Confirmations
0 t / 0 p
-- Confirm your Ballator's stats and stat ranks using the form here.
Troubadour's Trinkets
1 t / 122 p
-- Approach the cart and ask for a price here!
Sub Forums:
Rejuvenation 2020
Wild Ballators
1 t / 25 p
-- Capture Attempts for all Wild Ballators will be posted and rolled here.
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