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The Highlord Meeting Place

9 t / 9 p
-- Offer to your Ballator's chosen deity or to the communal Wayfarer's Hoard here!
Approach the Wayfarer's Hoard
0 t / 0 p
-- Your Ballator approaches The Hoard - it is a massive pile of items, food, and tokens of appreciation compiled by the other unpledged Wayfarer Ballators who do not expressly follow any High or Lowlord. The pile is allowed to be approached once per month by each member who owns a Wayfarer Ballator to take an item from the pile. Piety is not added for Wayfarers. Approaching the Hoard will give you a random item from the Hoard. It will be added to your Bank; an Unpledged Wayfarer Ballator is required. You must have a Bank Account to Approach. All offerings will be permanently removed from your inventory. All Approaching Ballators must be registered.
1 t / 2 p
-- Pledge your Ballator's loyalty to their chosen deity here!
Apply a Gift/Curse
6 t / 14 p
-- Claimed or Won gifts/curses are not official unless applied here!
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Application Corrections
The Cannibal's Raffle
1 t / 1 p
-- Here, those who wish to try their luck with Lowlord Hannibal may play his game of chance - you could win what you desire, or lose something valuable...
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