Changelog for May 2021

Some Changelog Info!

To better protect our admin team and members alike, the Coordinators have decided to implement a Changelog to better record our corrections and discussions so admins may link directly to this to show members that things have been fixed and discussed! 

The Changelog will update every Friday as that is when they is most available to make changes and answer group notes. That is also the day that we check the Suggestion Box on the website!

Artwork (c) AltairCallisto

How Can I Make a Suggestion/ Update Request?

There are currently Three Ways to make a suggestion for group betterment or to show a correction that needs to be made. They are listed in order of EFFICIENCY. The fastest way to contact the team is listed first.

  • NOTE THE GROUP – The Group is not leaving DeviantART at this time and this is the best way for us to keep tabs on member suggestions and edits. If you post a Question in the Discord Chat you may be asked to send that question in to the group so it may be reviewed. It’s conclusion will be posted here and you will be tagged with a link to the changelog at that time.
  • LEAVE A WEBSITE SUGGESTION – The Website Suggestion Box is anonymous to members and will be kept that way. You will not receive a tag telling you that the suggestion/ change has been made. 
  • LEAVE A DISCORD QUESTION OR SUGGESTION – You may ask a group related question in the #Questions channel on Discord, or leave a suggestion in the #Suggestion-Box channel. PLEASE NOTE: We have a “Don’t Block The Box” policy in the Discord Chat and most times, the suggestions will be left with no answer. Discussion is discouraged in that channel; please move discussion to the General Chat areas. Suggestions made on Discord are not anonymous and you will be tagged with a link to the changelog when they have been resolved.

May 2021 Changes

Friday May 07

  • Changelog records started for the new month.
    • Posts made by Coordinator Bay will have a [B] after them.
    • Posts made by Coordinator Fade will have a [F] after them.
  • Regale’s Quest page updated with some clarifications. [B]
    • Specifically stated that Level Four must be completed in its given order.
    • Added a list of disciplines under Regale’s Quests Level 4 – Elite prompt.
    • Updated the RQ Level 4, Prompt 3 to state you’ll be given 5 things to find not 4.

Friday May 14

  • No new changes [B]

Friday May 21

  • Groups NPCs page has been updated up to Ollie to provide better clarity on how you can and cannot utilize NPCS [B]
    • We plan on continuing going through and updating NPCs
    • Please be sure to check in on each NPC whenever you want to use them in case their Do’s and Do Not’s change as storylines progress and they are used in others stories.
    • Plans to do this with the Group Horse page as well.
  • Link to Quests page on Newsletter has been fixed. [B]
    • Pointed out as an issue via Suggestion Box.
    • Quests page can be found under the Basic Gameplay tab.
  • Nameplate on EquusBallator Society still says it should be purchased before applying. [B]
    • Pointed out as an issue via Suggestion Box.
    • This has still not been fixed, but as we plan on going through each banking item we will be sure to address this. At this time there is no current ETA.
  • Suggestion to not have the table of contents to follow the user when it is closed. And to fix it covering the page when it is extended. [B]
    • Suggestion given via Suggestion Box.
    • At this time this is not of any priority to the admin team. We are still weighing the pros and cons of the table of contents being able to follow the user. Due to the interface, if the box will follow the user, then it will follow no matter whether opened or closed and will end up covering a page. 
  • Desert page saying there is no safe crosses has been updated to say Steppes x Desert are a safe cross. [B]
    • Pointed out as an issue via Suggestion Box.
  • Some Plugins added and being worked on on the Forum. [B]

Friday May 14

  • No new changes [B]