Changelog for March 2021

Some Changelog Info!

To better protect our admin team and members alike, the Coordinators have decided to implement a Changelog to better record our corrections and discussions so admins may link directly to this to show members that things have been fixed and discussed! 

The Changelog will update every Friday as that is when they is most available to make changes and answer group notes. That is also the day that we check the Suggestion Box on the website!

Artwork (c) AltairCallisto

How Can I Make a Suggestion/ Update Request?

There are currently Three Ways to make a suggestion for group betterment or to show a correction that needs to be made. They are listed in order of EFFICIENCY. The fastest way to contact the team is listed first.

  • NOTE THE GROUP – The Group is not leaving DeviantART at this time and this is the best way for us to keep tabs on member suggestions and edits. If you post a Question in the Discord Chat you may be asked to send that question in to the group so it may be reviewed. It’s conclusion will be posted here and you will be tagged with a link to the changelog at that time.
  • LEAVE A WEBSITE SUGGESTION – The Website Suggestion Box is anonymous to members and will be kept that way. You will not receive a tag telling you that the suggestion/ change has been made. 
  • LEAVE A DISCORD QUESTION OR SUGGESTION – You may ask a group related question in the #Questions channel on Discord, or leave a suggestion in the #Suggestion-Box channel. PLEASE NOTE: We have a “Don’t Block The Box” policy in the Discord Chat and most times, the suggestions will be left with no answer. Discussion is discouraged in that channel; please move discussion to the General Chat areas. Suggestions made on Discord are not anonymous and you will be tagged with a link to the changelog when they have been resolved.

March 2021 Changes

Friday March 05

  • Changelog records started for the new month.
    • Posts made by Coordinator Bay will have a [B] after them.
    • Posts made by Coordinator Fade will have a [F] after them.
  • Changes made to Regale’s Quests prior to re-opening the system. [F]
    • Necrosis added to Non-Permitted Mutation via RQ Prizes
    • Updated rule regarding horses purchased that have not completed RQ.
    • Clarification on Tyndariai’s gifts via RQ.
  • Renaakaii removed from the Admin Team listing. [F]
  • Baylili00 promoted to Coordinator in the Team Listing. [F]
  • General Submissions and Regale’s Quests submissions reopened on DeviantART. [F]

Friday March 12

  • Some subfolders of Artwork 1 (now known as ‘OLD’ Artwork) allowed members to submit to them rather than their Artwork 2 counterparts. These folders have been closed and the proper Artwork 2 subfolders have been opened. [B]
  • Renamed the art folders that had a “1” after their name to have an “‘OLD'” before the name. (ie Regale’s Quests 1 has been renamed to ‘OLD’ Regale’s Quests) [B]
  • The Admin Application Link is currently broken/doesn’t lead anywhere. [B]
    • This is a medium priority for us at the moment as we would like to open up to invite more people to our team but we also have equally pressing matters to attend to.
    • Pointed out by Bluroan#0612 (Discord)| X
  • Zombie brains is missing from the website. [B]
    • Currently, there are still several different items that are missing from the website. We are still in the process of transferring them over and are hoping to get this done as soon as possible.
    • Pointed out by elisethechemist#4672 (Discord) | X
  • Suggestion to allow members to utilize the Discord chat to stream their art. [B]
    • While we encourage our members to share their art, we, unfortunately, do not have enough admins active at all times to be able to monitor the Discord chat to make sure what is being streamed follows our rules. We want to make sure that everything that is being shared follows along with our guidelines and is not abusing the Discord chat. This means that at this time members may not use the Discord chat to stream their art.
    • At this time we will have to shelve the idea of members reserving a time to stream art on the server until after we finish our transition.
    • We highly encourage members to stream using other streaming services and link to their stream in the #art-share channel so that others may see it!
    • Suggested by Flinty#5677 | X
  • Suggestion to add an item that removes or swaps out non-breedable traits. [B]
    • At this time the team will have to shelve this suggestion while focusing on website fixes. We will revisit this suggestion when our transition is complete.
    • Suggested by The Edgiest of Grandpas#4639 (Discord) | X 
  • Updated various links on the FAQ page to redirect to the Website counterparts [B]
    • Anything that still links to somewhere not on this website has yet to be transferred over but the link will be exchanged out once that information has been transferred.
  • Updated the heights on the Mountain Ballator page and the Plains Ballator page to reflect the heights listed on the height chart found on the Breed Standard page. [B]

Friday March 19

  •  New subforum created in the Regale’s Quests forum for the Scavenger Hunts. From now on any notes on DA to complete the Scavenger hunt will be requested to use the forum. [B]
  • Added clarification on what is allowed to be used as a RQ Tracker. [B]
  • Updated wording on the Regale’s Quests page to make it more clear that the previous levels must be confirmed completed before one may begin Level 4. [B]
  • Updated links on the Group Horse page to their website counterparts. [B]
  • Added Group Horse Rental Archives and a Group Horse Donation Archives. [B]
  • Added a Google Docs and Forum example to the Stat Tracker Requirements page. [B]
  • GH 2715 | Vinum Bonum Deorum Donum got a fullbody reference and was put on the GH background. [B]
  • References guide was added to the website. Some clarifications were made as well as linking of specific resources to help members know what exactly is required for a reference. [B]
  • Breed Standards page was updated with all current information. We are still currently working on adding mane mutation images for Lilliputs and Steppes. [B]
  • The website’s headers were updated to better reflect the topics they contain. Some topics along with having their own page also have a submenu to aid in further understanding. [B]
    • This was to make more pages accessible from the menu rather than needing to search for them.
  • Updated expiration times of submissions. [B]

Friday March 26

  •  Updated the Regale’s Quest Tracker forum so that the toolbar at the top of textbox shows up. [B]
    • Issue pointed out by Dragonwarlordess#6074 (Discord) | X
  • Split up the Stat System page into two pages to make it easier to digest. [B]
    • The original page contents the breakdown of stat values.
    • The new page discusses ranking up and the prizes that may be won.
  • Added a Literature Guide and Artwork guide. [B]
    • Can be found under Basic Gameplay -> Stat System -> Literature Guide or Artwork Guide
  • Updated the Ballator Lore page to include what we all know about the Red Star Rising Storyline. [B]
  • Updated the NPC page to give blurbs about each NPC. [B]
    • Plans for the future will include a list of Do’s and Don’ts for NPCs and each specific NPC in hopes that it will further aid and encourage members in interacting with our lore and NPCs.
  • Updated the Admin Team page. [B]
    • Some admins have switched around some jobs. People will see some old faces in new places!
    • The Admin Application is also now open.