Call Out to the Shadows

"Star? Where are you?"

Calling out didn’t work so well– Star isn’t the only creature in The Deadwoods! Your Ballator’s cry has startled a monster out of hiding, ready to attack! Or–

If your Ballator is low enough to the scrubby undergrowth, they might have noticed a strange looking plant that seems to draw them in.

Either way, calling out for Star didn’t help at all. Your Ballator probably should have kept walking… hopefully they can after this!

This is a Shadow Prompt. For this prompt, please depict your Ballator battling one of the creatures (flora or fauna) found within The Deadwoods! To continue onward, your Ballator needs to first test their courage.

There is a 4 stat minimum required for this prompt.

Guidelines for Shadow Prompts

  • Shadow Prompts must be completed to unlock the next password and advance the Monthly Quest.
  • Prompts must still be submitted to the DeviantART Group– You will NOT receive the Password to go forward if your entry is not accepted.
  • Please submit Shadow Prompts to the Monthly Quest folder.
  • Shadow Prompts will not count for Regale’s Quests, Wild Ballator Entries, or Foal Prompts.
  • Anthros are not allowed for these prompts.
  • Shadow Prompts can be completed as many times as desired, but you will only gain prizes for the first attempt.
  • Stat grids will not be accepted as entries. Comics will accepted as entries so long as only one prompt is depicted per comic, only horses relevant to the prompt are shown, and the stats do not exceed 20. (Reminder: Companion bonuses will not apply to comics as they are counted by stat grid guidelines!)
  • Entries must contain the Ballators pictured and the prompt completed in this format:
        Horse(s) Pictured: (Link to Refs)
        Prompt(s) Shown: (Please link back to the Shadow Quest Page)
        Stat Breakdown:
        Stat Total:

For making it into The Deadwoods, your Ballator finds… A Normal Stick! Neat! I sure hope they get some hunting drops to match! Make sure to roll your hunt for creature drops– sticks can be claimed at The Denarii Hub (linked above).

A Normal Stick