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The 2021 Ballatober Art Bang

Welcome to Ballatober! In lieu of our Monthly Quests during October, we’ll instead have a prompt-a-day series of quests. These prompts can be completed in any order; you can finish some, all, or none of them if you would like!

Members who complete all 31 prompts are in for some wicked prizes, courtesy of Lowlord Hannibal.

Ballatober Prompt Rules

  • This Event will end at midnight EST on October 31st 2021. Images must be uploaded to dA before November 1st, in order to be eligible for prizes.
  • We recommend and encourage members to create a tracker of their accepted prompts for ease of prize claiming.
  • Many of the prompts below are open ended for fun interpretation! However, if a specific Lord, NPC, or Location is mentioned in the prompt, they must be depicted as well for the prompt to count.
  • The prize you receive for each prompt is pictured on the corresponding day; prizes can only be redeemed once per prompt.
  • Once your prompt is accepted into the group, please click on Claim Prize in any of the below squares to redeem your treat via the Denarii Hub.
  • Each prompt must be worth a minimum of 4 stats from either writing, drawing, or a combination of both.
  • Images should be partial (50%+) or full body (Chibis are allowed)
  • ¬†Backgrounds are not required, but there must be something to capture the theme/spirit of the day.
  • Prompts must be submitted to the “Group Events” folder in the group
  • Prizes will only be given out after your entries are accepted into the group.
  • Entries cannot be commissioned. You must complete all Ballatober entries for your own horses.
  • Collaborations are also not allowed.
  • Stat Grids are¬† not permitted.
  • All entries must be colored. No greyscale images will be accepted.
  • Ballatober prompts can count towards Foal Prompts.

Prizes for Completing All 31 Prompts

The admin team has compiled a Spoopy Care Package for all members who have completed all 31 prompts! This package includes some old and new items. Each member that completes all 31 prompts will receive:

Day 1

A Bunch of Hocus Pocus

Your Ballator has some witchcraft or wizardry powers! They better use them wisely!
Claim Book of Shadows

Day 2

Don't Fear the Reapers

Antares and Betelgeuse are following your Ballator just a little too closely...
Claim Bittersweet Ending
Tar Covered Bracers

Day 3

Oozing Slime and Muck

Uh oh! Your Ballator is caught in tar and who knows what else within The Deadwoods.
Claim Tar Covered Bracers

Day 4

The Puck'in King

Puck has asked your Ballator to help them carve some pumpkins. It might be easier said than done when you have hooves.
Claim Puck-O'-Lantern

Day 5

Candy Gore and Pastel Goth

Sometimes being cute and being creepy is a very, very fine line.
Claim Bloodfire
Ballator Fang

Day 6

Mark of the Beast

Ares thinks your Ballator needs some help and has transformed them into the ultimate hunter! (Breed standards must still be shown)
Claim Ballator Fang
Nebula Stone

Day 7

You're Out of the World

Your Ballator finds themselves in the cold limbo of outer space where Aether watches all.
Claim Nebula Stone

Day 8

That's a Questionable Diet

Your Ballator either drinks the blood of or eats other Ballators! Gross!
Claim Zombie Brains
Astrological Map

Day 9

Fog on the Moors

The night is dark and moonless and there's a deep fog rolling over Regale's Glade. Sure hope this place stays peaceful...
Claim Astrological Map

Day 10

Love Potion #9

Star offers your Ballator some help in making a love potion. Seems a bit dubious, but Star wouldn't do anything wrong...
Claim Lover's Heart

Day 11

On the Night of the Blood Moon

Wow, the moon sure is red tonight! Or... maybe that's a Red Star? It's hard to tell through all of this fog...
Claim Star Touched Potion
Ember of Orodrune

Day 12

The Devil's Little Darling

They say The Lowrealms are dark and cold... but at least Hannibal is here to keep your Ballator company!
Claim Ember of Orodrune
Red Eyed Owl Companion

Day 13

Strange Cryptids and Weird Creatures

There's nothing like a good hunt in The Deadwoods!
Claim Red Eyed Owl
Pumpkin Peye

Day 14

Fortune Favors the Bold

Fortune telling is interested... does your Ballator fit any Tarot Card themes?
Claim Pumpkin P-eye
Apophis' Flame

Day 15

Smoke, Fire, and Blood

Trapped! It doesn't matter if you're friend or foe, Apophis and a band of Hannibal's Legion have decided You Shall Not Pass.
Claim Apophis' Flame

Day 16

Enter the Crypts

Your Ballator is alone (maybe) in The Crypts with Tyndariai, the Deathlord.
Claim Duality Crown

Day 17

Come, Little Children

Owl seems to be luring Ballators to Orodrune with a sweet song and poor promises.
Claim Patchwork Cloth
Glass Horseshoe

Day 18

Oh My Ghost!

Your Ballator stumbles across someone's spirit while out on The Charred Plains.
Claim Glass Horseshoe
Large Skull

Day 19

Spooky Scary Skeletons

Your Ballator wonders what sort of creature left these bones behind...
Claim Large Skull

Day 20

I Married a Monster

Someone close to your Ballator isn't quite what they seem...
Claim Poop
Uvam Ros

Day 21

Pick Your Poison

They say it's a more humane way to help someone enter the Highlords' embrace, but that's only if you want it to be.
Claim Uvam Ros
Bat Companion

Day 22

Your Worst Nightmare

Dreams can seem so real sometimes; even more so when they're a nightmare.
Claim Bat
Gnarl Wood Proboscis

Day 23

Creepy Crawlers

It's the spider prompt! What else would it be?
Claim Gnarl Woods Proboscis
Tidal Horn Decor

Day 24

20,000 Leagues Under the Shimmering Shore

Are those tentacles coming out of the water? Does Regale's Cove hold a sea monster??
Claim Tidal Horn Decor
Fang Goads [UPFA]

Day 25

Oh Aether, It's a Bloodbath!

Your Ballator isn't sure how, but they're reliving some horrific events-- is this The Realmwars, or is it Red Star Rising all over again?
Claim Fang Goads
Luminiferous Lantern

Day 26

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

What mysterious things lurk beyond the light of your Ballator's campfire?
Claim Luminiferous Lantern

Day 27

* For this day you must pick between the Small Trait Adder OR the Small Trait Remover

Night Mare on Elm Street

Trick or treat! Draw your Ballator in costume as a movie, show, or book character.
Claim Trait Adder OR Remover
Red Star Pendant

Day 28

It's Alive!

Uh oh! Your Ballator is surrounded by ghouls! It's up to you to decide if they're corrupted or not!
Claim Red Star Pendant

Day 29

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

What does your Ballator see for themselves in the reflection of the Magic Mirror?
Claim Guardian's Gaze
Bone Crown

Day 30

Grave Robbers

This fallen warrior doesn't need that Bone Crown anymore anyway... it can't help them where they're going...
Claim Bone Crown

Day 31

Charred Plains Trick-or-Treat

Depict your Ballator and one of their friends collecting some candy.
Claim Slightly Opened Candy
Hannibal's Legion