Ballator of the Year

2021 Ballator of the Month and Year

Reunited by CelineDGD

Congratulations to: Everyone's Ballator

The April 2021 Equus Ballator of the Month and Equus Ballator of the Year!

This year as our group is undergoing so many changes, we wanted to stop and acknowledge that everyone and each and every one of their Ballators are important and awesome.

Who Put This Freaking Parade In My Way?! by MonochromeFox

Due to the number of changes the group is undergoing, the team felt we didn’t have enough time nor resources to fully handle EBotM this year, but we still wanted it represented in some way! 

Everyone’s Ballator(s) is a winner! We know not every Ballator that deserves to be Ballator of the month gets picked or even nominated, so this year, everyone is Ballator of Month.

We see so much beautiful art and stories that members put out and we love every single one. We want to celebrate seeing all of these characters grow and change over the years or even in the short time frame that they’ve existed. As part of this, we have compiled some images that were made and submitted to the group in 2021 that we think you should check out! Below are some stories that we highly suggest you take some time to read as well!

  • 7584 Tatiana | Level 3 | Bare Your Soul
    • Burgiethewriter created a story that looked at what it was like for a Ballator who was not directly involved in our lore storyline  to see everything from the outside and how fear impacts us all differently. 
  • Resurgence RQ Story
    • The admin team has been doing a round-robin of storytelling with their EBs using Regale’s Quests. It’s quite an interesting read and if you don’t have the time to read them all we suggest starting at 9268 Giovanni | RQ Level 2 | Good Genes.
  •  Mercer’s Island: Chapter 1
    • DragonWarlordess has begun to start building an interesting world in this short little story. If you’re interested in a more fantastical setting apart from EB lore, this would be a good read for you.

We hope for many years to come of new characters being born and old characters learning to grow and change!

Please join us in congratulating everyone on the beautiful and creative characters they have made over the years! 

5195,3291|RQ3|Over the River by DragonWarlordess
5336 I Clara Level 2 I Searching for a Shadow Part by sketchesofcolor
Foal Prompt|In The Dark Of The Night by ToxicFriu
Oh Devil by HelloWishbone

You can view our current and past Ballators of the Month by clicking HERE.